Create Your Own Fragrance for Two from Red Letter Days

Create Your Own Fragrance for Two from Red Letter DaysThe idea is simple; if Victoria Beckham, JLO and a host of other celebrities can create their own fragrances, then why shouldn’t you create your very own?! Your time spent with a trained Perfume Studio consultant allows you to do just that – create a quality signature fragrance in an exclusive beauty salon or spa. Your experience begins with you enjoying a relaxed consultation conducted by a trained perfume consultant. They will take you through a journey of 18 exquisite blends so you can arrive at a fragrance you love. Learn the difference between top, middle and bottom notes. Once you have picked your preferred combintation of blends, your individual fragrances can be created straight away in the salon – meaning you can each leave with a unique, stunning perfume in a beautiful scent bottle. You will even name and register your fragrances with The Perfume Studio, receiving an official certificate which will be sent to your homes within two weeks of your experience.

Price: £98
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